PhD in Computer Science


ICube laboratory, IGG group

Strasbourg, France


Address : 300, Boulvard Sebastien Brant – BP 10413

67412, Illkirch cedex FRANCE

Office : Pôle API B117

Tél : +33 (0)3 90 24 46 22



I moved to the University of Innsbruck

About me







I am researcher and teaching fellow at the University of Strasbourg, France. Recently, I fulfilled my PhD in computer science in the Computer Graphics and Geometry group (IGG) at the ICube laboratory, and was supervised by Dr. Caroline Essert. I am generally interested in most areas of computer graphics for surgical purposes. My primary area of research involves the path planning of surgical tools in image-guided surgery. In particular, I focus on geometric constraints solving, physical simulation, and optimization techniques. The main domains on which I worked on are neurosurgery and percutaneous procedures.













-         Our paper "Evolutionary approaches for surgical path planning: a quantitative study on Deep Brain Stimulation" has been accepted at IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation IEEE CEC . San Sebastian, Spain. June 5-8, 2017.

-         February, 2017: I obtained the Qualification MC in computer science. It means eligibility to apply for an "enseignant-chercheur" position at French universities.

-         November, 21st: I joined the Interactive Graphics and Simulation Group in Innsbruck, Austria.

-         September, 21st: I had a talk on trajectory planning at Altair Robotics Lab, University of Verona, Italy.

-         I attended IPCAI/CARS 2016 conference at Heidelberg, and participated at the YINS session.

-         I defended my PhD. thesis on June 21st , 2016

-         We were pleased that a full paper has been accepted for MICCAI2016 prestigious conference

-         Short paper/Poster has been accepted for ACM GECCO2016

-         We participated in MITK user’s meeting 2015 at the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ (demo and poster)

-         Computer Graphics international CGI’15 will be held in Strasbourg 24-26 june, and will be organized by our research group.

-         I am recurted for a « ATER » position (Teaching and Research fellow) at the UFR math-info

-         Our paper will appear in the Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics CMIG journal

-         The project « ANR ACouStiC » in which i participate has received the the first price from the «  pôle de compétitivité Images et Réseaux de la Région Bretagne »

-         I’ll be in Milano to present our paper at EMBC’15

-         I’m attending at the “Conception de simulateurs médico-chirurgicaux” summur school in Villeurbane, Lyon, France.

-         I am a student volonteer in Eurographics 2014,  which will be held in Strasbourg

-         I am named as a member of doctoral comittee at ICube laboratory for representing the IGG PhD students

-         I will give some courses at the UFR math-info during my first year of thesis

-         I will attend a workshop on Deep Brain Stimulation in Rennes, France.

-         I started my PhD on October 2012 at IGG group, supervised by Dr. Caroline Essert




Last updated on March  2017