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Hyewon Seo (서혜원, 徐慧源) pronounced as "Heh-one Suh"



CNRS Research scientist (chargée de recherche)

ICube, University of Strasbourg



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Bd Sébastien Brant, BP 10413

67412 Illkirch, Cedex FRANCE



tel: +33 (0)


I am a CNRS Research scientist (chargée de recherche) with HDR degree (An academic degree in France that allows you to be a supervisor for PhD candidates) working at ICube (Laboratoire des sciences de l'ingénieur, de l'informatique et de l'imagerie), Université de Strasbourg. For those who are not familiar with French research system, it is a permanent post equivalent to associate professor, with less teaching obligation.

My recent research centers around 3D/4D shape analysis (shape similarity, segmentation, correspondence finding, etc.) and modeling (representation, reconstruction, etc.), with focus on human data. In the past, I have worked on data-driven methods for shape estimation, skin deformation, character animation, distortion minimizing texture mapping, and sketch-based shape reconstruction, among other things. I'm also very interested in image processing and learning based methods in general.


* News

March 2019 I gave an invited talk on a learning model for facial animation at the BTC workshop at NTU, Singapore.

December 2018 – I gave a talk on a learning model for facial animation at the ICube deep learning workshop.

October 2018 – Our paper on the reconstruction of flowers from sketches has been presented at Pacific Graphics conference at HongKong.

May 2018 – I participated to the selection committee for an assistant professor at the University of Grenoble.

April 2018 – Our paper on the visual attention for rendered 3D shapes has been presented at Eurographics conference at Delft, Netherlands.

August 2017 – I gave an invited talk at BIEN (The International Conference of Women Scientists and Engineers conference on BT, IT, ET and NT) conference at Seoul, South Korea.

June 2017 – I served the CGI conference as session chair, at Yokohama, Japan.

December 2016 – PhD defense of Miz. Vagia Tsiminaki, where I participate as a jury member, will take place at INRIA Grenoble.

October 2016 – I gave a talk at the 2nd meeting of EKWSEA (Euro-Korean Women Scientists and Engineers Association) in Paris.

October 2016 – Prof. Hyung Yun Choi from Hong-Ik University will visit us and give a seminar.

October 2016 – I will present our paper accepted to Pacific Graphics conference in Okinawa, Japan.

October 2016 – Cédric Bobenrieth starts his PhD work on “Sketch-based Modeling” with us. Welcome!

July 2016 I will commit a visiting research and give seminars/tutorials at KAIST (sketch-based reconstruction and modeling) and POSTECH (feature description and matching) at South Korea for about 3.5 weeks.

August 2016 – I will give an invited talk at the ISUVR (International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality) organized by KAIST.

July 2016 – I participated to the World Congres on Science and Technology held in Seoul, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of KOFST.

June 2016 – I gave a talk at the “Journées Axe Calcul Scientifique”.

June 2016 – The TVC editorial dinner will be organized during CGI2016 conference at Heraklion, Greece.

June 2016 – The national committee of Section 07 of CNRS where I’ve been member during last 4 years will celebrate its end of mandate.

June 2016 – I will give a talk at the “GdR ISIS: Vision et modélisation 3D d’environnements dynamiques”.

May 2016 I gave a talk at the meeting of work group “maillages”.

Apr 2016 I participate in the national concours of CNRS (promotion of CR to DR) as member of jury.

Apr 2016 I gave a short talk at the “Journée d’information” to the PhD students and postdocs at ICube, University of Strasbourg.

Mar 2016 I participate in the national concours of CNRS (CR) as president of jury.

Mar 2016 Cedric Bobenrieth started his master thesis research project with me and others.

Feb 2016 Sylvain Barlet started his master thesis research project with me and others.

Feb 2016 I start serving TVC (The Visual Computer, Springer) as Associate Editor-in-Chief.

Jan 2016 I made a demo for CMI (Cursus Master Ingénierie en informatique) students who are visiting ICube laboratory.

Jan 2016 – The TVC editorial board meeting will be held at Geneva, Switzerland.

Nov 2015 Yvan Pin started his master thesis research project with me.

Nov 2015 I’ve been invited to the jury member for the PhD defense of Taleb Alashkar 2015.

Jul 2015 – I got appointed as a visiting professor at Dept. Computer Science, POSTECH, South Korea.

June 2015CGI’15 has successfully ended. It will be organized in Greece in 2016!


* Short Bio [Academic degrees| Employment| Academic administration, activities, honors| Distinctions| Funded projects]

Academic degrees

Jun. 2012: Habilité à la Direction de Recherche (HDR) at Université de Strasbourg, France

Dec. 2003: PhD in Computer Science at Université de Genève, Switzerland

Feb. 1998: Master of Science at Dept. of Computer Science in KAIST, Korea

Feb. 1996: Bachelor of Science at Dept. of Computer Science in KAIST, Korea



Dec. 2009 - now: CNRS research scientist at ICube (formerly LSIIT), Université de Strasbourg, France

Sep. 2004 – Nov.2009: Assistant professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Chungnam National University, Korea

Supervisor of Computer Graphics and Applications Lab

Sabbatical leave for 1 year (Aug. 2008 - Aug. 2009) at LSIIT, Université de Strasbourg, France

Sep. 2004 – Nov.2009: Post-doctoral researcher at MIRALab, Université de Geneve, Switzerland

Mar. 1999 – Dec. 2003: PhD candidate and research assistant at MIRALab, Université de Geneve, Switzerland

Mar. 1998 – Feb. 1999: Exchange research assistant at MIRALab, Université de Geneve, Switzerland

Swiss Government Scholarship (total grant of 20,000 CHF)

Mar. 1996 – Mar. 1998: Master student and research assistant at VRLab, KAIST, Korea


Academic administration, activities, honors

Associate Editor-in-Chief for The Visual Computer (2016-)

Conference Chair for CGI 2015

Organization committee member for Eurographics 2014

Member of steering committee, Computer Graphics International (2013~)

Elected member of the French National Committee of Scientific Research (CoNRS: Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique), section 07 (Information Science and Technology) (2012~2016)

Associate editor as a member of editorial board of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (Publisher: Wiley, 2012~), Journal of Korean Society of CAD/CAM Engineers (Korea CAD/CAM association) 2008~, International Journal of Contents (Korea Contents Association) 2009~2012, Journal of Korea Contents Association (Korea Contents Association, 2008~2012). 

Scientific Program Committee for Computer Graphics International (2006~) Computer Animation and Social Agents (previously Computer Animation, 2006~), Int’l Conference on Virtual Storytelling 2005, Korean Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (2007~)

Academic committee, Session chair, and Local organizing committee of Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Technology 2011

Reviewer for ACM Transactions on Graphics, IEEE Computer Graphics & Application, Computer-Aided Design, Computer Graphics Forum, Computers in Industry, IEEE Int'l Conference on Image Processing

Evaluator for several Korean national projects funded by KRF (Korea Research Foundation), ADD (Agency for Defense Development), KATS (Korean Agency for Technology and Standards).

PhD jury member:



Bonus for scientific excellence (Prime d'excellence scientifique) since 2013 (CNRS)

Cum Laude Poster Award: (with4 co-authors) Analysis of Lines of Non-Extension on Lower Body Surface Based on 3D Body Scans, 2009 Summer Conference of Korean Association of Human Ecology, May 2009

Best paper award: (with 7 co-authors) Functional Clothing Design based on the 3D skin lines of Non-Extension, Autumn Annual Conference of the Korean Society of Living Environment System, Nov 2010


Funded projects

ClinMod: Learning-based 3D Tracking of Clinicians using Accurate Animatable Body Models (2014.03 ~ 2016.12), funded by ICube, UMR 7357

Shape Analysis and Registration of People using Dynamic Data (2010.12 ~ 2014.12), funded by l'Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) (Chaire d'Excellence program)

Measurement and analysis of human skin deformation (2010.04 ~ 2011.04), funded by Conseil du Scientifique de Université de Strasbourg (Bonus Qualité Recherche program)

Human Shape Modeling and Dynamic Simulation (2007.08 ~ 2010.07), Funded by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF)(Engineering Research Center project program)

Design Process and Physical Modeling of High Performance Compression Garment Based on Ergonomic Mapping for Dynamic Human Body (2008.09 ~ 2010.08), funded by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) (Fundamental Research on Specific Aims project program)

Real-Time Skinning Method using Vector Field Based Deformation (2007.08 ~ 2008.07), funded by Korea Research Foundation (KRF) (New Faculty Research project program)

3D Modeling of Self-Occluding Objects from Drawings (2006.07 ~ 2007.06), funded by Korea Research Foundation (KRF)(Excellent Woman Scientists and Engineers project program)

Study on Key Techniques for 3D Engine and Virtual GIS Solutions (2006.07 ~ 2007.02), funded by Korea Ministry of Education and Science’s Brain Korea project program

Data-Driven Shape Model for Human Body Reconstruction from Photos (2005.07 ~ 2006.06), funded by Chungnam National University (New Faculty Research project program)

Engineering design principles of the protective clothing system integrating heat and moisture transfer and dynamic human body modeling (2005.09 ~ 2006.08), funded by Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) (Fundamental Research on Specific Aims project program)`